• Flower of Life of Abydos - BRASS
  • Flower of Life of Abydos - BRASS
Flower of Life of Abydos - BRASS
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Flower of Life of Abydos - BRASS

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This Article is made of Brass starting from our study of the graphic design of the Symbol. Created from metal using precision laser cutting, it is subsequently brushed and polished by hand. The obtained finishing enhances the reflections on the surface. The Brass of the article is left to Natural, without superficial isolation treatments, in order to benefit from all its properties.

The article is furnished with the Geometria Sacra package with a non-woven envelope: made of a scratch-resistant material to protect the article, it has a re-closable opening that makes it perfect to be used again later. Inside the package, there is a "small meaning" with the personalized graphic symbol of the article and a brief description.

The Symbol comes with our Certificate of Authenticity: signed in the original by the author, certifies the authenticity of the Geometria Sacra article and it's 100% Made in Italy.

Is the Symbol of the "Beginning", of what is life and what is everything. It is the scheme of the Genesis in which everything finds a place, and which everything starts. By combining the centers of each sphere, you can draw all 5 "Perfect Solids" or "Plato Solids": the cube, tetrahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron. They are also the two-dimensional view of all the forms that known molecules can take. They, therefore, represent all the configurations that matter of the universe can make, displaying all possible models of reality and creation. It is also an image of models of possible realities and creations that are repeated in all elements of Nature and Man, such as the geometry of the sunflower, of the Nautilus shell, of the snowflakes, and of everything else. The Flower of Life, having this precise and regular forms, contains the frequency of life and represents its unity, transmitting energy of perfection and harmony. In all cultures, the sphere, in its perfection, represents the All or the Void, the God, the Cosmic Spirit. The central circle of the Flower, in which three 8 are designed, one horizontal, one vertical and one oblique, concentrates cosmic vibrations and drives it into its center, which amplifying and radiates the divine energy received, harmonized and amplified. It is made up of a central Sphere whose center coincides with the intersection of six spheres built around it. Continuing with this rule and following a hexagonal symmetry you can obtain the completion of the image. In total, the circles are 19, with the centers arranged on 9 parallel horizontal lines. The same circles are also viewable on 7 floors arranged in height with the highest represented by the center of the Flower and the others placed in the deep. If we count all the circles, even those that are only partially represented, the count reaches a total of 30 Full Circles. In this construction, you can see the symbol of "Vesica Piscis", which is formed by the union of two circles with the same diameter, whose centers are each on the circumference of the opposite circle. There is also a third circle of the same size which has the center coincident with the intersection of the first two ones, which forms the symbol of the "Tripod of Life." The frame is also a part of the image: it consists of 60 triangles with curved edges, like forming sails, and these rays are the extension of the 15 main circles. It is one of the ancient symbols shared by different and distant cultures, through different times and places. Despite these differences, the symbol has never been radically altered and we can trace its origins back to the Assire and Egyptian civilizations. The best known is near the temple of Abydos, in one of the oldest cities of Upper Egypt, which preserves the original shapes and proportions. Flower of Life is also present throughout the rest of the entire world: from China in the "Forbidden City", in Japan represented in various temples, in India in the "Golden Temple" and also in Italy. This representation has been traced on Etruscan artifacts of the seventh century, and on more recent buildings such as the Church of San Clemente in Rome or the Church of San Fermo Minore in Verona.

Every Article of Geometria Sacra is made by Us, 100% Made in Italy, with all our dedication and our technologies. Without renouncing the Inimitable Passion in the craftsmanship of the artisan process that makes each of our "Artifacts Article" unique and distinctive.

14 cm - 30 cm
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