• Sunflower Yantra Pendant
  • Sunflower Yantra Pendant
Sunflower Yantra Pendant
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Sunflower Yantra Pendant

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Stainless Steel Pendant made starting from our study of the graphic design of the Symbol. Created from metal using precision laser cutting, it is subsequently brushed and polished by hand. Finally, it is subjected to a natural ultrasonic cleaning treatment. The obtained finishing enhances the reflections on the surface giving a pleasant, uniform feeling to the touch.

The Pendant is furnished with the Geometria Sacra package with a non-woven envelope: made of a scratch-resistant material to protect the article, it has a re-closable opening that makes it perfect to be used again later. Inside the package, there is a "small meaning" with the personalized graphics symbol of the article and a brief description.

They are geometrically sinuous and harmonious figures that with their precise and particular shapes transmit serenity and positivity. This Yantra can be catalysts for the concentration and meditation of those who take the right time to observe it. They are a symbol of everything that is positive. Every single part, line, or bow is in perfect harmony with all the others that draw the Yantra. They are drawings that we can find in every Nature Elements. For example, looking at the center of the sunflower from above. Or by displaying magnetic fields with iron powder. They transmit a sense of movement, from the center to the outside and then mutually back from the outside to the center. It is always possible to find triangles, that is the basic and fundamental representation present in everything. Some of these triangles are inward-oriented and some are oriented toward the outside, this creates a sense of movement and alternation, as in a harmonious frequency. Curved lines lead to the development of the optic to read the sphere, a 2D surface that becomes 3D, like the reflections on the surface of a drop of water. The frame is a square with 4 "T", the Tao, representing the trinity of Man. The sum of these 4 trinity forms the number 12: the complete year, the complete man, the cosmic man. These drawings are the mirror of the geometry we have inside. Symbol constructed from the central intersection of numerous arc developed clockwise and anticlockwise. All present curves have the same radius. There may also be present a geometric shaped frame with a rectangle built on each side forming a “T”. This starting composition can also be integrated with a series of concentric circumferences that have their radius equal to the distance between the center of the symbol and the intersections of the arches. They are symbols of precise geometries that have long been used in radiesthesia and radionic disciplines. They have always had values of symbol and graphics emitters, catalysts for concentration and positivity. Aesthetically harmonious and geometrics they are dynamic symbols that have intense, dynamic and positive frequency inside their rhythm.

Every Article of Geometria Sacra is made by Us, 100% Made in Italy, with all our dedication and our technologies. Without renouncing the Inimitable Passion in the craftsmanship of the artisan process that makes each of our "Artifacts Article" unique and distinctive.

Stainless Steel
2,5 - 3,5 - 5 cm
1 mm