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SOL Clef

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Made of Mirrored Stainless Steel starting from our study of Symbol's design. Created from metal using precision laser cutting is then modeled by hand to obtain the definitive Tridimensional shape. The surface enhances the bright reflections and gives the metal a shine. The Steel of the article is left Natural, ie without superficial insulation treatments, benefiting from the perfect resistance of the metal to any external agent. This guarantees the Symbol a perfect durability and an altered uniform sensation to touch.

The article is furnished with the Geometria Sacra package with a non-woven envelope: made of a scratch-resistant material to protect the article, it has a re-closable opening that makes it perfect to be used again later. Inside the package, there is a "small meaning" with the personalized graphic symbol of the article and a brief description.

The image of the key to SOL is Animated because the "SUN" (SOLe in Italian, SOLeil in Franch) is taken as the starting point, referring to the "hidden point of light" in every Human Being by analogy. From the smiling Sun, a bundle of energy starts, forming the Moon mirrored in its arch, spiraling on itself like a "Dervish". The Moon happily replies by smiling and together, they raise their frequencies upwards continuing the dance. By looking into their eyes, they reconnecting themselves with a "NODE" to the Origin, to the Principle of Everything. This dance is an answering song that then descends vertically like a rain bringing changes with it by returning to the center of Man. The dance continues in the matter and the graphic design expands outside with a Curved Hand like a welcome and "LOVE" invite. Dancing with LOVE creates a new harmonic music that is no longer dissonant. Empty letters are engraved on the vertical fluid explaining how to transform the Energy Management of pain and dissonance. If you play with the letters of the word DO-LO-RE (Pain in Italian), it can be read as DO = the first musical note, RE = the second note, LA = the sixth note: the latter is also used to tune some musical instruments. Energy becomes a pain when it is blocked in a perimeter or group that generates separation or judgments, by becoming disharmonic. If the human thought Transforms replacing the vowel "O" with the "A" returns the musical chord DO-LA-RE, the dance resumes because it is connected again with the Cosmic one that is impersonal LOVE. The three musical octaves hidden in the Flower of Life are realized when we do not suffer pain but manage events, turning them into a higher frequency for good and common harmony. It is a form of archetypal activator because it incorporates the ternary principle through which Nature multiplies itself by spiraling. The suspended and beaten metalwork emits a light sound like that of the Sistros, a small Campanella or a Gong.

Every Article of Geometria Sacra is made by Us100% Made in Italy, with all our dedication and our technologies. Without renouncing the Inimitable Passion in the craftsmanship of the artisan process that makes each of our "Artifacts Article" unique and distinctive.

Mirror Stainless Steel
31 cm High x 27 cm Wide
0,8 mm