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Evolution - Synthesis - Future
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Evolution - Synthesis - Future

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This Article is made of Galvanized Steel starting from our study of the graphic design of the Symbol. Created from metal using precision laser cutting, it is subsequently brushed and polished by hand. After being subjected to a cleaning treatment, it is finished with a protective transparent powder coating. The obtained finishing enhances the reflections on the surface and ensures resistance to any external agent, guaranteeing the Symbol a perfect durability over time.

The article is furnished with the Geometria Sacra package with a non-woven envelope: made of a scratch-resistant material to protect the article, it has a re-closable opening that makes it perfect to be used again later. Inside the package, there is a "small meaning" with the personalized graphic symbol of the article and a brief description.

The Symbol comes with our Certificate of Authenticity: signed in the original by the author, certifies the authenticity of the Geometria Sacra article and it's 100% Made in Italy.

The design has been called " Future " because it is a SYNTHESIS born from the Flower of Life of Abydos after an in-depth study of Spirals. The sight remains enchanted by the optical effects that pulsate in a centrifugal and centripetal movement. After completing the drawing of the circles split at 3 frequencies on the edge of the hexagon, we have built the Spirals called Archimedes or Pascal. These are formed from a Central Petal to the Frame, as highlighted overlapping the study of Spirals on the Original matrix. These 3 petals are the same as the side of the hexagon because they divide it into 6 segments that are Equilateral Triangles also read as Pyramids. Inside the Structure, everything presents a Unified Frequency Field consisting of three elements that are move to Spiral . This is how the drawings of 3 "Central Hearts" are formed, which expand and fall concentrically at the intersection of each petal, precisely in its interior space. Continuing the observation of the Spirals in the nucleus of the drawing we note that THE CENTRAL CIRCLE OF FLOWER IS FORMED NO MORE THAN 6 PETALS BUT THESE ARE MULTIPLY IN 12, so the design leads us to expand our state Observation and Consciousness: we can also go from 6 to 12 whose sum is 18 and whose multiplication is 72 . Also from 3 "Central Hearts" multiplied by 6 you get 18 and their sum 3 + 6 is the same as 9 . The obtained structure is a form of archetypal activator because it takes up the ternary principle through which the Nature is multiplied by spiraling. To see it spin suspended in the air by a sense of balance stimulates the pineal gland by sending an Activation message to recognize the fractal harmonic that is also in us, in the our Multidimensional essence and in every being of the cosmos. The reflections of light on the solids give a three-dimensional vision that highlights its preciousness. The suspended and beaten metal work emits a mild sound like that of the Sister, a small Campanella or a Gong.

Every Article of Geometria Sacra is made by Us, 100% Made in Italy, with all our dedication and our technologies. Without renouncing the Inimitable Passion in the craftsmanship of the artisan process that makes each of our "Artifacts Article" unique and distinctive.

Galvanized Steel
49 cm
1,2 mm