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Yin Yang, Dragons and Wings

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This Article is made of Galvanized Steel starting from our study of the graphic design of the Symbol. Created from metal using precision laser cutting, it is subsequently brushed and polished by hand. After being subjected to a cleaning treatment, it is finished with a protective transparent powder coating. The obtained finishing enhances the reflections on the surface and ensures resistance to any external agent, guaranteeing the Symbol a perfect durability over time.

The article is furnished with the Geometria Sacra package with a non-woven envelope: made of a scratch-resistant material to protect the article, it has a re-closable opening that makes it perfect to be used again later. Inside the package, there is a "small meaning" with the personalized graphic symbol of the article and a brief description.

The Symbol comes with our Certificate of Authenticity: signed in the original by the author, certifies the authenticity of the Geometria Sacra article and it's 100% Made in Italy.

Among some of the most famous and used symbols is the symbolic representation of two different counterparts: "Yin" the black and "Yang" the white. They can be translated literally from the Chinese as "the sunny side of the hill" and "the shadowy side of the hill". They symbolize two arguments in opposition to each other such as Day and Night, White and Black, Positive and Negative, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water, Passive and Active, Clear and Dark, Heavens, and Earth. These two halves are not in contrast, but they are both necessary to complete the formation of the Circle, which is the representation of Everything, of the Universe, of Perfection. There are also two small spheres that are in contrast to the half in which they are positioned. In the clear white part, a small portion of black is placed in, and in the dark black one vice-versa. This symbolizes that there isn’t math and pure completeness in each of the two halves, but there is also a little portion of the opposite "Element". It is drawn from a circumference with a sinuous line inside. This line is the partial representation of two tangent inscribed circles. At the center of this two inner sphere, two other small spheres are built. If you mirror two Yin Yang one over the other one, in the center you will form an 8. The color of the two Halves is also integrant part of the symbol: the left one is clear part with its right counterpart which is dark. Finally, the small sphere at the top is clear and it is opposed to the small sphere at the bottom which is dark. Symbol dating back to the ancient Chinese philosophy, probably born from the observation of the day and night cycle. Two moments in contrast to each other, but fundamental in the same measure for the passing of the day and of the Life. It is the graphic representation of the perfect equilibrium that exists between opposing forces, in everything that is material and spiritual.

Every Article of Geometria Sacra is made by Us100% Made in Italy, with all our dedication and our technologies. Without renouncing the Inimitable Passion in the craftsmanship of the artisan process that makes each of our "Artifacts Article" unique and distinctive.

Galvanized Steel
49 cm
1,2 mm