GeometriaSacra   Philosophy  

Our first steps in researching information and answers in this fascinating world have created and shaped our work: faithfully represent the original proportions and shapes of the symbols of sacred geometry, starting from the study of images and authentic patterns. Not only that, we are carried by the flow of creativity that makes us able to create unique and aesthetically harmonious hand works, relaxing to be observed, perfect for decorating, valorizing and embellishing.

GeometriaSacra   Creativity 

Our goal is to create in a tangible and three-dimensional way the symbols that have been always present in Life and in Philosophy of Mankind, in addition to other geometric and aesthetically beautiful creations. We want to intrigue and reveal something that today has become less common, but it remains a source of inspiration and creativity for everyone. Something that is unusual and unique, which tries to satisfy all aesthetic tastes with sinuous, harmonious and geometrically perfect shapes.

GeometriaSacra   Development 

We carefully create hand works with precision, representing the symbols of the Sacred Geometry and all types of regular geometric constructions. The research of creativity and passion leads us constantly to follow a path of evolution in our products. Using the latest technology accompanied by the irreplaceable craftsmanship of experienced and passionate hands, we started to actualize these figures in various forms "to wear", "to decorate", "to improve."

GeometriaSacra   The company

New Coba is the company behind Geometria Sacra. Present on the market for over 30 years, it works in the field of sheet metal processing for the most varied sectors.

Maurizio Spaccasassi, with his passion and his research, was the architect of the union of two entities that seemed different: the processes and technologies of a modern company on one side and the world of Sacred Geometry on the other side.

From this path our products are born: we start from the study of the drawings, elaborating and experimenting also the smallest geometries, up to the finished objects each one accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.