Polished Stainless Steel

The Mirror
of the Name

A unique Gift.
Created for you.
Give a content.


Finished by Hand

Your Name

"it is the strength
of our Life



A Content

Created for you.
A Unique Gift

  • The NAME is written in Corsivo Specchiato© (Mirrored Italic): this Font has been completely redesigned by GEOMETRIA SACRA starting from the study of the English Italic used in Stone Engravings.

    The graphic Design is based on the dynamic, harmonic and fluid form of OVAL as a synthesis of the union of Two circles: the Vesica Piscis.

    This is the base of the Mathematical Structure of NATURE that we can also find in the the Inflorescence of Life of Abydos and in ancient or modern Architectures constructions all over the world.

    Name's graphics looks like a double image that is not upside down but is MIRRORED on itself: everything in Nature is reflected and projected in a mirror generating an ANGLE between the two writings with a INTERSPACE in the middle gap.

    "HUMAN BEING" is the first Name that unites all of us as "a wave-form-frequency": in the lighter upper part of NAME's graphic design there is THE NAME OF BEING, on the other hand in the darker lower part there is the mirror projection OF THE BEING IN THE HUMAN.

  • Il Tuo Nome
  • The Mirrored Name hides other graphic shapes: by rotating the written in vertical way, due to THE CHANGINC OF THE OPTIC, the Eye highlights the harmonic drawing of a Ear of Wheat that grows and blooms in a bud, or highlights the image of a Flame as the Fire of our Thought, and no longer reads only the letters. Positioning it in reverse way, the image highlights the shapes of a Arrow pointing upwards indicating the goal to reach in the future.

    By folding the written in an Angle form, the Name takes instead another value: inside the Interspace of the created Angle, there is a Frequency in Motion that opens like a folding Fan. This new Frequency is the NAME THIRD FUNCTION AS PROGRAM TO LIVE.

    This reminds us that the Human Being is an electromagnetic central, a pile, a generator, a transformer that moves in a Alternating Current Braid, and reflects all the Energy of the Universe and the potential Creative Essence inside itself. This is why the Human Being, if he want, can also be self-generating.

    In ancient Egypt the NAME was inscribed inside a Rope closed by a "KNOT" called "CARTOUCHE": the program-project of the existence of Rope of Life was enclosed inside the Cartouche as a Links between the continuity in the Past, the Present and the Future, according to its own Evolution.

    The Mirrored Name design is instead a ROPE FREED FROM THE KNOT: the written line becomes WAVE-FREQUENCY and it is FREE IN THE AIR AS TWO WINGS OF BUTTERFLY.

    To stimulate the research for what is hidden within the Letters of your Name, here is proposed a new GAME: THE CONSCIOUS DANCE OF YOUR NAME LETTERS.

    For example, starting from the MUSICAL NOTES research: in the Name LOREDANA we find DO LA RE: in the life-program of who is called so, there is the awareness of being able to transform the Energy of DO LO RE into the harmonious musical accord DO LA RE.

    By Anagramming the Letters of Any Name, others Hidden Words become visible: (Example of LOREDANA)"DONATE LA": DOnate REalising the misical note LA which is the Diapason, transforming antenna for the reunification with the harmonic-whole that allows the plant-man to grow and product Flowers-Flame in the form of his creative thinking. The LA is also the sound repeated by Arab women who sing vibrating their tongue on the palate. In this Name is also found "LO ANDARE"(the Going): moving forward towards a goal; "ARA": the altar that symbolizes the man conscious of his 3 axis-coordinates that together form the edge of the Cube, "ARA": the infinitive tense of the verb "arare" (to plow) that in hieroglyphic means AMARE (to Love); "RA": name of the Sun in hieroglyph; "AOR": ancient Egyptian name; "ARAL": means area or limited space for making Fire like when we lit the central fire of the harmonic thought that will warms everyone around it; "ARAL": root of the name of the Armenian deity shaped like a dog that treats the wounds of the sick. The LOREDANA Name's also includes: "ARENA", "LENA" (stamina), "LANA" (wool), "LORD", "LODE" (praise).

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